The Main Duties of Iran Water Resources Management Company

Based on Articles of Association (Article No.7)


  1. To act as an agency of the Ministry of Energy to enforce the Law of Fair Distribution of Water and other rules and regulations related to water, including the management and control of water resources operation and basic researches and water resources quantity and quality conservation.
  2. To examine and compile required proposals in respect of strategies, policies, long and medium term plans of water sector to be submitted to the Ministry of Energy.
  3. To enforce the plans and approvals of the Ministry of Energy.
  4. To collect, prepare, provide and analyze basic information required to detect and study water resources quality and quantity.
  5. To direct and supervise the recognition, study and implementation of the projects of water supply and transfer, irrigation and drainage networks, dam stability and safety, river and bank engineering, flood control, artificial recharge and hydropower energy generation as well as to direct and supervise the operation of the related installations and structures.
  6. To provide and compile the instructions and techniques of the efficient consumption of water resources to be submitted to the Ministry of Energy for approval. To take required measures for the supervision of water resources consumption techniques in various sectors consuming water as the representative of the Ministry of Energy and to promulgate consumption management culture for optimized consumption and reduction of unnecessary consumption.
  7. To provide technical and specialized instructions, codes, criteria and standards required for the construction, maintenance and operation of water installations and structures and to submit them to the Ministry of Energy for approval.
  8. To take measures for the development of researches, technology, and know- how and information transfer in respect of water and hydropower energy and finance and support these measures.
  9. To take measures for training human resources and other actions promoting the management and productivity of operating water installations and structures and hydropower systems.
  10. To support the development of training and researches on water sector and training courses to promote the experts required by water sector.
  11. To establish membership in domestic and international scientific and technical associations and institutes within the framework of the related laws and regulations.
  12. Cooperation with domestic and foreign organizations and scientific information exchanges to perform the company’s duties.
  13. To compile and suggest water tariffs for the customers of the subsidiaries to the Ministry of Energy and coordination with the related organizations to confirm and supervise the enforcement of tariffs in the subsidiaries.
  14. To conclude the related contracts for wholesale transactions of water and hydropower energy via the subsidiaries.
  15. The management, development and providing of financial resources to invest in the installations supplying and transferring water and hydropower energy in accordance with the approved plans and efficient consumption of these resources through facilities and financial resources circulation among the company and subsidiaries.
  16. To establish financial and executive management strategies and required techniques for being assured of implementing the projects and other activities duly and correctly.
  17. To arrange and receive loans and financial facilities from domestic and foreign resources, issue bonds, establish domestic partnership and prepaid subscriptions and other methods of financing as well as to guarantee the subsidiaries to receive loan and facilities observing the regulations and instructions approved by the general assembly.
  18. To plan and take measure for providing financial resources, encouraging public participation and private sector and absorbing capitals on the basis of the related rules and regulations to develop the capacities for the implementation of water projects and the operation of the related installations.
  19. To take action and support private sector participation in the researches, construction, operation and maintenance of water and hydropower projects and the related installations on the basis of the related standards and regulations.
  20. To coordinate and regulate technical financial and administrative relations among the subsidiaries as well as the company as well as the subsidiaries and the subsidiaries.
  21. The appraisal of the subsidiaries’ annual operation regarding technical, financial and administrative management and human resources.
  22. The establishment of new relevant companies and partnership with other related companies observing the related regulations.
  23. To perform any operation related to the company's objectives.