Iran Water Resources Management Company Morality Chart


We believe that

  • Our main purpose, after God’s satisfaction, is serving honorable people of Iran honestly and will spare no efforts towards this goal.
  • Our services bring welfare and promote people's life and strengthen relationship between people and us.
  • Country's water resources are one of the most significant blessings and a national wealth and we are responsible to do our best towards their development, conservation and utilization.

We will never forget the following values which are the guiding source for serving people  honestly by having faith in God’s  will:

  • We are committed to moral principles and spiritual attributes such as courtesy and humility, dignity, honesty in both speech and behavior, confidentiality and trusteeship, abstaining from backbiting and flattering, and avoiding  prodigality in every condition
  • We strengthen the institutional health in our office’s environment by observing religious norms, correct implementation of rules and regulations, and considering the custom of society
  • We describe regularity, arrangement, punctuality, politeness, courtesy, equity, justice, and preparation to serve and be responsible to clientele as the certain principles of our success and factors of the company’s promotion
  • We improve our knowledge and professional skills for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of our functions and people’s satisfaction
  • We provide our services with high quality and in new suitable ways for clientele and our responsibility is to present their required information quickly and within the  framework of regulations in the area of our duties
  • We raise our institutional affiliations and respect our colleagues to take steps together towards the satisfaction and dignity of people and clientele
  • We try for optimized utilization and more productivity of existing resources and facilities by following the saving principles and abstaining from luxury and unnecessary expenditures
  • Any criticism, expression of ideas or suggestion by clientele is received eagerly and used as a factor of development and promotion of services